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Pool Decks & Fencing Sunshine Coast

The pool deck and pool fencing is the icing on the cake when it comes to your pool area. Queensland pool decks are ideal in hardwood timber because it’s hard wearing, softens and frames the look of your pool. You can create virtually any shape and the trick is finding the right design to both compliment your pool area and add extra useable space. Your deck can either butt up to the pool coping or hang over the edge for a resort feel.

Sunshine Coast Decks will install decking and fencing for your design and of course, needs.

Treated pine or hardwood? Seems an age-old question that we are often asked on decking projects. Essentially it comes down to your preference.

Treated pine or hardwood? Seems an age old question that we are often asked by clients on decking projects. Essentially it comes down to your preference.

Treated pine pool decks

Because a pool deck gets extra punishment with excess water treated pine simply isn’t the best choice. A lightweight wood in weight and in colour, easy to carry and work with and is cheap to supply. On the downside it is prone to noticeable warping after it expands and cracks following wet to hot conditions so it’s not the best material for a deck.

Hardwood pool decks

Are heavier duty with a typically reddish colour, but not all. In Australia we have access to a vast variety and if you are after the lighter look you could opt for a spotted gum because it has a higher concentration of light in it’s grain. Hardwood has fewer knots and much less prone to warping from the elements. It will expand and shrink, but not to the same degree as pine. In terms of cost, hardwood is initially more-costly, but pays off due to its natural durability. Aesthetically it looks great and is what we recommend for decks first.

Composite pool decks

Composite has come along way. Made from a mix of recycled board with plastic with no required maintenance. The higher end products nowadays don’t mark easily lookig great for years and come with substantial warranty. The higher end composites are now much more deck worthy.

Pool fencing

Glass pool fencing is stylish giving an unfiltered view of your pool area, but it can also be private with added frosting or tinting. It does come with a heftier price tag and mixing both glass with aluminium fencing offers a good budget compromise without compromising the design.

Aluminium pool fences are light weight, strong and are an economical alternative to glass or stainless steel. Aluminium pool fences can be powder coated in a large variety of colours to match your existing joinery and roofing.

To be compliant, the minimum height from ground level to the top of the pool fence must be 1.2m. The maximum gap from ground level to the bottom of any barrier is 1m. There must also be one gap of at least 900mm between any horizontal rails on the outside, and the gaps in the vertical members must not exceed 1m.

There’s a lot to consider and we’re more than happy to share our expert recommendations based on your individual needs.

If you’d like to read more information about patio roof styles, decking materials, where to go for designs or even just where do you start in this whole building process then check out our advice section. We’ve pulled together our years of industry experience from our team and professional tradesman to build a free informative blog to help you on your building journey.

Sunshine Coast Decks will install decking and fencing for your design and of course, needs.

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