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The right patio and outdoor entertaining area design will increase your total living area and add dramatic value to your home. Outdoor living and entertaining is a quint essential of Sunshine Coast life.

Decks can be built virtually anywhere to enhance or extend your living area and we have a wide range of hardwood & composite timbers available. Decks less than 400mm from the ground have additional considerations around ventilation, drainage, timber selection, pest control and access for future maintenance. Particularly low decks, and ground decks need extra durability framing or specially treated timber. Plus, because of our proximity to the ocean, all of our decks are fixed with quality stainless steel screws.

When designing your deck consider the environment – is there going to be shade, full sun, what’s underneath it and what you want to use it for. This will help you to decide style, size and materials of your new deck. These are questions that will help us determine the best deck solution for you.

Sunshine Coast Decks will arrange everything from the ground up including certification and we’ll point you in the right direction if you require a council relaxation application or design plans. We’ll facilitate a custom design in the materials, style and finish that you are searching for. From hardwood to composite decking, tiled or even contemporary ground concrete finishes, for the look that best suits you.

Recently, we’ve completed outdoor entertaining areas on road frontage boundaries. Owners have reclaimed their valuable land that was once under-utilised because it was on show to passers-by. By building retaining walls, installing privacy screens and fencing, the owners now have full use of their land up to the boundary – in complete privacy.

Treated pine, hardwood or composite? Essentially it comes down to your preference.

Treated Pine:
Is lightweight in weight and in colour, easy to carry and work with, cheap to supply. But, and it’s a big but, it’s prone to noticeable warping with hot to wet conditions and it has many more knots. Oiling and painting will help but our experience on the Sunshine Coast is that pine never works well as a deck.

A heavier duty wood with a darker sometimes reddish colour, less knots and much less likely to warp from the elements. Hardwood is costlier than treated pine initially, but pays off due to its natural durability. Aesthetically it looks great and what we recommend first for decks.

Composite is made from a mix of recycled board with plastic there’s no maintenance. The higher end composites don’t mark, but the cheap products scratch and show permanent marks. If you don’t want to be disappointed, and don’t want to be precious about your composite deck it’s a case of getting what you pay for.

When it comes to the roof style of your decked area, we recommend a fly over patio roof style for design that has ample ventilation, modernises older homes and compliments the new ones. To read more about the different patio roof styles click here.

Sunshine Coast Decks are qualified builders. When you select us for your project you’ll build with confidence knowing that your investment is in the best hands. We do not ever cut corners, our workmanship is top quality and we use quality materials and fixings.

If you’d like to read more information about patio & portico roof styles, where to go for designs or even just where do you start in this whole building process then check out our advice section. We’ve pulled together our years of industry experience from our team and professional tradesman to build a free informative blog to help you on your building journey.

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